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Time(s) for publishing some explanations and appologies

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Time(s) for publishing some explanations and appologies

New York Times carries its reputation with its head high. You can read there about thousands of controversial topics. You can read about daily politics, news in science, cultural events, glamour world, fresh gossips, legal procedures. To get a better understanding of the issue, navigate to this web-site. But you will hardly read about troubles behind the scene New York Times editors face and handle. Especially when it comes to issues and mistakes they have made.

However, the news about Arielle Davies, their former advertising executive, who filed a lawsuit against the NY Times, popped up in some other media and got the public’s attention.

Arielle Davies was respectful and praised director of Times’ advertising products, often rewarded from her bosses for revenue she brought in. All up until she got pregnant.

57b7981d459ec8d76e7047f0047598f7This is when the troubles started and the treatment she was starting to get showed underlying discrimination. After she has announced her pregnancy and her plan to take off for four months (though law entitles her to six months of maternity leave), one of the directors clearly told her that she was going to be forgotten if she left for several months. She also alleges few rather disgusting comments she heard about her weight gained during pregnancy.

Really, just before she was supposed to go back to work, she got fired under the explanation of “reorganization”, but was nevertheless the only one in her sector to get laid off.

All these facts and experiences led Davies to file a lawsuit against Times and seek for compensation for wages and benefits, claiming all these decisions were motivated by a pure discrimination.

Doing this, Davies is another ex-employer, pointing a finger into Times for the same reason. Six months ago, Times was also sued for discrimination, after firing numerous older and minority workers.

Maybe it’s time for publishing some “explanation and apology” news.

Kills himself after killing niece and her 4-year old son

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Kills himself after killing niece and her 4-year old son

“This was not a crime out of passion, this was not some jealousy or alcoholic husband killing his family, this was more absurd and thus more awful. Katherine Janet Giehll and her 4-years old son Raymond Peter Giehll IV were shot to death and found at their home. Katherine was found lying dead near the front door of the house on her 31st birthday. The child was killed in the dining room.

The police found their bodies and immediately sent SWAT team to hunt the killer.


They chased Lucius Oliver Hamilton III. 61 year old brother of Katherine’s father, her uncle, accused for double murder of his niece and her son, was found dead in the Indianapolis hotel room. After committing this horrific crime, Hamilton committed a suicide, thus escaping the facing of justice, trial and consequences of his deeds.

The hotel stuff later testified that they found bottles of alcohol and meds supplies in the room which Hamilton used before he shot himself that morning.

Hamilton was an employee of the Wabash College and the police officers assume that his motive for committing a double murder and eventually a suicide was a prolonged family dispute over family trust worth millions of dollars.

Wabash-College-Best-Value-Colleges-IndianaEvery building of this private school’s campus has been searched by police officers during the manhunt and all employers expressed their condolences to everyone involved with the tragedy.The college canceled classes giving free day to all students.

Local police officers are shocked and emotionally disturbed by everything they have seen. Some of them testified that facing a scene of dead mother and her killed four-year old child was one of the most painful and disturbing crimes they investigated during a long career in the police.

The money issue and the disputes over millions of dollars have been going on for last few years among these relatives, but it hasn’t suggested upcoming escalations in this manner. Photos of the family released by police after the crime give an impression of a solid – nobody did expect this kind of outcome.

Fixing the saddest place in New York

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Fixing the saddest place in New York

Abigail Kramer is a journalist and a lawyer in the area of children’s law. Intrigued by a pretty bad reputation of New York’s Family Court system, she’s decided to infiltrate into this Court and report the real picture from the inside.

“The saddest place in New York”, as they describe it, literally is like that. Physically and emotionally. The mere building, with all its deteriorated walls, cold and sterile atmosphere, no place reserved for food, drink or nursing a baby is devastating enough, without even considering the fact that that place deals with dramatic issues like: custody cases, child abuse allegations, and juvenile offenders.

Fortunately, somewhere among the little scenes of misery, there are scattered reasons for hope. Once again, after almost 20 years, another attempt of fixing this system is being given these days. This especially refers to Brooklyn Family Court, as one of the most critical points.

de9886c5bfe1642bc7679eb9d026e099As she reported, budget findings for nine additional judges had been received. This is certainly not enough to solve overwhelmed court stuff, but it will help at least those judges that have caseloads of over 500. Another critical issue is attempting to achieve faster moving cases toward resolving.

If you wish to know more read full report here.


medical_malpractice (1)

One of the biggest problems lies in the fact that family law trials strongly depend on numerous social services and this system is out of the judge’s control. Any serious attempt of fixing Family Court system has to include this aspect of the problem.

Altering the treatment society gives to poor families with inner issues is also an alarming matter, which if changed at least slightly, could significantly improve results of this legal and social institution system.


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