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Kills himself after killing niece and her 4-year old son

Kills himself after killing niece and her 4-year old son

By on Mar 4, 2016 in Family law |

“This was not a crime out of passion, this was not some jealousy or alcoholic husband killing his family, this was more absurd and thus more awful. Katherine Janet Giehll and her 4-years old son Raymond Peter Giehll IV were shot to death and found at their home. Katherine was found lying dead near the front door of the house on her 31st birthday. The child was killed in the dining room.

The police found their bodies and immediately sent SWAT team to hunt the killer.


They chased Lucius Oliver Hamilton III. 61 year old brother of Katherine’s father, her uncle, accused for double murder of his niece and her son, was found dead in the Indianapolis hotel room. After committing this horrific crime, Hamilton committed a suicide, thus escaping the facing of justice, trial and consequences of his deeds.

The hotel stuff later testified that they found bottles of alcohol and meds supplies in the room which Hamilton used before he shot himself that morning.

Hamilton was an employee of the Wabash College and the police officers assume that his motive for committing a double murder and eventually a suicide was a prolonged family dispute over family trust worth millions of dollars.

Wabash-College-Best-Value-Colleges-IndianaEvery building of this private school’s campus has been searched by police officers during the manhunt and all employers expressed their condolences to everyone involved with the tragedy.The college canceled classes giving free day to all students.

Local police officers are shocked and emotionally disturbed by everything they have seen. Some of them testified that facing a scene of dead mother and her killed four-year old child was one of the most painful and disturbing crimes they investigated during a long career in the police.

The money issue and the disputes over millions of dollars have been going on for last few years among these relatives, but it hasn’t suggested upcoming escalations in this manner. Photos of the family released by police after the crime give an impression of a solid – nobody did expect this kind of outcome.

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