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Time(s) for publishing some explanations and appologies

Time(s) for publishing some explanations and appologies

By on Mar 4, 2016 in Accident lawyer |

New York Times carries its reputation with its head high. You can read there about thousands of controversial topics. You can read about daily politics, news in science, cultural events, glamour world, fresh gossips, legal procedures. To get a better understanding of the issue, navigate to this web-site. But you will hardly read about troubles behind the scene New York Times editors face and handle. Especially when it comes to issues and mistakes they have made.

However, the news about Arielle Davies, their former advertising executive, who filed a lawsuit against the NY Times, popped up in some other media and got the public’s attention.

Arielle Davies was respectful and praised director of Times’ advertising products, often rewarded from her bosses for revenue she brought in. All up until she got pregnant.

57b7981d459ec8d76e7047f0047598f7This is when the troubles started and the treatment she was starting to get showed underlying discrimination. After she has announced her pregnancy and her plan to take off for four months (though law entitles her to six months of maternity leave), one of the directors clearly told her that she was going to be forgotten if she left for several months. She also alleges few rather disgusting comments she heard about her weight gained during pregnancy.

Really, just before she was supposed to go back to work, she got fired under the explanation of “reorganization”, but was nevertheless the only one in her sector to get laid off.

All these facts and experiences led Davies to file a lawsuit against Times and seek for compensation for wages and benefits, claiming all these decisions were motivated by a pure discrimination.

Doing this, Davies is another ex-employer, pointing a finger into Times for the same reason. Six months ago, Times was also sued for discrimination, after firing numerous older and minority workers.

Maybe it’s time for publishing some “explanation and apology” news.

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