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Fixing the saddest place in New York

Fixing the saddest place in New York

By on Mar 4, 2016 in Family law, Malpractice |

Abigail Kramer is a journalist and a lawyer in the area of children’s law. Intrigued by a pretty bad reputation of New York’s Family Court system, she’s decided to infiltrate into this Court and report the real picture from the inside.

“The saddest place in New York”, as they describe it, literally is like that. Physically and emotionally. The mere building, with all its deteriorated walls, cold and sterile atmosphere, no place reserved for food, drink or nursing a baby is devastating enough, without even considering the fact that that place deals with dramatic issues like: custody cases, child abuse allegations, and juvenile offenders.

Fortunately, somewhere among the little scenes of misery, there are scattered reasons for hope. Once again, after almost 20 years, another attempt of fixing this system is being given these days. This especially refers to Brooklyn Family Court, as one of the most critical points.

de9886c5bfe1642bc7679eb9d026e099As she reported, budget findings for nine additional judges had been received. This is certainly not enough to solve overwhelmed court stuff, but it will help at least those judges that have caseloads of over 500. Another critical issue is attempting to achieve faster moving cases toward resolving.

If you wish to know more read full report here.


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One of the biggest problems lies in the fact that family law trials strongly depend on numerous social services and this system is out of the judge’s control. Any serious attempt of fixing Family Court system has to include this aspect of the problem.

Altering the treatment society gives to poor families with inner issues is also an alarming matter, which if changed at least slightly, could significantly improve results of this legal and social institution system.


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